The Stunning avon old farms campus 

Short film showcasing the beautiful campus of the boarding school I attended in Connecticut. This film has been used as a pivotal keystone in the marketing of this school online. It is used for admissions, conferences, and social media for the institution. 

a day in the life of an avon old farms student

One morning, I woke up and decided I was going to document my day to show prospective families and students what it's like to be a Winged Beaver (school mascot). The video received incredible feedback.

nantucket buckets - ad

During the time I worked with Nantucket buckets, a Unisex hat company I started WITH two other high school classmates (refer to ventures page), I was consistently on and off the island of Nantucket, usually working with retail stores and networking. One trip, I made the decision to direct, produce, and edit a lifestyle ad. This was my first attempt.

Avon old farms football - pregame

Over the course of my high school career, I found myself often creating pregame videos for varsity level sport's teams, such as football, wrestling, and lacrosse. Of all the pregame videos I made, I think this one would be my personal favorite.

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